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Can behavioral health interventions really reduce cancer rates by half?

This is the claim of a new article by Song and Giovannucci (2016) in JAMA, but I am skeptical.  Here is why.  The authors compare cancer incidence and mortality between a low and high risk group.  They defined a patient as low risk based on not smoking, no or moderate alcohol use, BMI between 18.5 […]

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Modeling the spread of H1N1 in the Internet age

CNN reports that H1N1 is still a problem, particularly in the Southeastern U.S.  Traditionally, epidmiologists model the spread of a contagious disease based on two factors: the transmission rate between people and the frequency of contact between individuals.  A study by  Yoo, Kasajima and Bhattacharya (2010) incorporates a third factor that will affect the spread […]

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