Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

Should pregnant women be included in clinical trials

Your knee-jerk reaction (and mine) is No!  However, an interesting article from Mosiac makes the case that the argument is not clean cut. Because it has long been considered unethical to include expectant mothers in clinical trials, scientists simply don’t know whether many common medicines are safe for pregnant women. Of the more than 600 […]

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Wisconsin Protests and Physician Integrity

Doctors have been giving out sick notes for teachers protesting Wisconsin’s threat to disband their union.  Not only is this wrong, but Dr. Rich of Covert Rationing argues that it isn’t even a form of civil disobedience.  Physicians are often put on a pedestal as the models of professional integrity.  Previous studies, however, have found that doctors […]

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Do Economists need an ethical code?

American Sociological Association and the American Anthropology Association have a code of ethics.  Similarly, the American Psychology Associationand the American Statistical Association both have guidelines for ethics.  Does the American Economic Association need one for economists as well? A recent petition by a group of economists called for just such a code. The petition has […]

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