Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

Government IT

Information technology without a doubt is helping to restructure the very fabric of society, business and government.  However, these changes do not come without challenges.  For instance electronic health records (EHR) may harm the patient-physician interaction and are susceptible to hacker attacks. A recent Fiscal Times article demonstrates how government programs often do not invest in IT infrastructure efficiently. Meanwhile, […]

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How much money does Medicare waste?

The answer depends on who you ask. According to the GAO, Medicare spent $48 billion in “improper payments,” which include fraud but also waste, eligibility errors, miscoded claims and insufficient documentation. GAO determined that Medicare’s traditional fee-for-service plan had a 10.5 percent error rate. Attorney General Eric Holder, suggest there may be $60 billion in […]

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Analyzing Physician Efficiency: Per-Capita Scoring

How does one evaluate a physician’s efficiency level?  This process has five main dimensions. Which resource use measurement methodology to use. There are two main profiling methodologies: per capita and episode-based. How to account for differences in patient health status. This is done through risk adjustment.  However, choosing the proper risk adjustment method is crucial […]

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