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Cholera and Haiti

Cholera has been a huge problem for Haiti. The excellent investigative journalist and author Rose George reports: Five years on, cholera has killed nearly 9,000 Haitians. More than 730,000 people have been infected. It is the worst outbreak of the disease, globally, in modern history. In 2014, Cholera was on the verge of being eradicated from Haiti: […]

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Efficiency vs. Equity

Most economists focus on the concept of “economic efficiency.” The basic concept of economic efficiency is to maximize the overall resources available to society.  However, often times economists ignore the importance of equity (i.e., the distribution of resources within a society). Tyler Cowen reminds us that seeking economic efficiency blindly is not ideal, especially in […]

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Partners in Health: Should you really donate your money here?

With the recent devastation in Haiti, many celebrities have advocated donating money to the non-profit Partners in Health.  What is this organization?  Is it the best place to donate your money? Almost 4 years ago, the Healthcare Economist endorsed PIH as a great place to donate your money in my post “Are you ready to […]

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