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How well can you predict your own future happiness?

According to a paper by Hsee and Zhang, the answer is: not well. Traditional economists and decision theorists assume that people know their preferences and that what they choose reveals what is best for them, given the information they have at the time of choice. In reality, this is not the case. In a series […]

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Are Rich people Happier?

Economists have generally found that rich people are happier.  People who are wealthy are likely to be happier than those who have trouble affording food, clothes, or shelter.  What is driving this happiness differential?  Is the additional happiness from additional wealth due to the fact that you can more easily fulfill basic needs, or is […]

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Closing the (Happiness) Inequality Gap

Income inequality has generally increased since the 1970s. Even for researchers who find that income inequality has Does this mean that happiness inequality has also increased? An NBER working paper by Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers claims that this is not the case. Below is the a portion of the abstract. While there has been […]

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