Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

Obamacare, Narrow Networks, and Quality

There are a number of ways plans in health insurance marketplace can lower their premiums.  One option is to increase cost sharing.  Plans in the bronze and sliver tier have much lower premiums than those in the gold and platinum tier.  Within any tier, plans can restrict patient access to lower cost providers; this also will reduce […]

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President Obama’s Healthcare Summit

How did Obama’s Healthcare Summit go?  It was basically a pile of bad ideas.  Senator Harkin gave the best explanation of what’s truly needed, but I’ll save that for last. Examples of BAD IDEAS include Starting over.  John McCain asked to “Go back to the beginning” and Republican Senator Lamar Alexander said “If we can start […]

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Effective Healthcare Policymaking in Europe

Health economists and policymakers have lots of ideas of how to improve the health care system.  Yet few of these reforms are implemented.  Why? Max Hotopf of Healthcare Europa tries to answer this question in the context of Europe’s attempts at healthcare reform.  Below are some of his arguments and my comments. Decentralization. “In most […]

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