Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

Why is health journalism is often wrong?

One of the reasons is that health-related academic research is often wrong.   Biostatisticians have studied the question of just how frequently published studies come up with wrong answers. A highly regarded researcher in this subfield of medical wrongness is John Ioannidis, who heads the Stanford Prevention Research Center, among other appointments. Using several different […]

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Iran: A model for Rural Health Care

Access to care for rural Americans can be difficult, even for individuals covered by Medicaid.  The New York Times examines whether Iran can serve as a model to serve rural Americans, such as those located in the Mississippi delta. The Iranians built “health houses” to minister to 1,500 people who lived within at most an […]

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Olympic Post II: Comparing the Health Care Systems of China and India

Health Affairs’ July/August 2008 edition discusses the health care system of 2 emerging powers: China and India. Today, I will analyze the two countries health care systems over time and what they they can expect in the future. Like most developed countries, healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP has risen over time for these […]

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