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Immigrant Physicians

Interesting facts from Alex Tabarrok of Marginal Revolution: One percent of all the physicians in the United States come from the six countries targeted in Donald Trump’s new Executive Order. I found that a surprisingly high number. According to the Immigrant Doctors Project, those 7000 physicians provide 14 million doctors’ appointments each year and many of them […]

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Do we spend too much on immigrant health care?

The Immigration Policy Center believes not.  Some evidence they give includes: Ku (AJPH 2009) reports that “immigrants’ medical costs averaged about 14% to 20% less than those who were US born.” Four out of five people in America who have no insurance are U.S. citizens.   The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research found that in 2005 one out of every five […]

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Immigrants reduce health care costs?

David Williams of the Health Business Blog reviews an article from the Boston Globe (“Immigrants…“)  stating that immigrants reduce the cost of health care.  How can this be with so many immigrants relying on government programs and free clinics to receive their care? While it is true that immigrants are consumers of medical care, they […]

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