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Tell me something I don’t know…

The Wall Street Journal reports that the tough economic times has lead to a decline in demand for new Economics Ph.D. students.  As someone who is ‘on the job market’ this year, I certainly agree that it has been a tough year.  Many universities who placed job advertisements to hire new Ph.D. Economists have since […]

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The Hiring of An Economist

I am currently on the “Job Market.”  I will receive my Ph.D from UC-San Diego this spring and hope to have a job for next fall.  There are lots of advice papers on what graduate students should do to maximize their chances of getting a job.  Yet few graduate students ever learn what the labor […]

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UC San Diego Job Market Candidates

The UC San Diego Department of Economics has posted this year’s list of Job Market Candidates.  Included in the list is your favorite healthcare economist, Jason Shafrin.

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