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Health Economics Resources: Leading Scholars, Institutions and Journals

Who are the leaders in the field of health economics? Below I list the top 10 health economics scholars, institutions and journals as ranked by a recent JHE article by Adam Wagstaff and Anthony J. Culyer. A more complete list is also available here. Top Health Economists David M. Cutler Jonathan Gruber Frank A. Sloan […]

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MRIs, Back Surgery and Primary Care

Do MRIs increase the liklihood a patient receives back surgery? “Orthopedists and primary care physicians who begin billing for the performance of MRI procedures, rather than referring patients outside of their practice for MRI, appear to change their practice patterns such that they use more MRI for their patients with low back pain. These increases […]

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Free Academic Articles Online: A Good Idea?

The Wilson Quarterly looks at whether or not putting academic journals online is a good idea. ¬†Although getting access to academic articles is easier than ever, scholars are concentrating their reading on a less diverse range of articles. “As journals go online, researchers actually see less of their contents. ¬†For every additional year of archives […]

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