Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

Improving Placebo Effectiveness at Kaiser

I went to my first physician appointment as a member of Kaiser.  I received a primary care visit and got lab work done within 30 minutes.  The whole process was incredibly efficient.  I notice the Kaiser docs and nurses followed best practices.  Further, the check-in process was very organized and my doctor could access my […]

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Kaiser Permanente’s EHR System

As of 2009, only 9 percent of America’s hospitals were using even a basic form of electronic medical records (EHR) and as of 2008 only 13 percent of practicing doctors were doing so.  Yet one private health insurer has integrated EHR for hospitals, physicians, outpatient and other services.  I am of course talking about Kaiser Permanente. Today […]

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In Support of Corporate Medicine

Arnold Kling and Michael Cannon believe that the idea of the physician as a lone independent craftsment is out-of-date.  The authors contend that healthcare quality would improve and costs would drop if physicians adopted a more corporate environment.  Larger organizations, such as the Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente and Veterans Affairs all benefit from economies of […]

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