Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

McCain and the Tax Deductibility of Health Insurance

What are the tax implications of John McCain’s health care proposal?  The key components are that health insurance will no longer be tax deductible but individuals will receive a $5000 credit of purchasing health insurance.  Let’s work out some simple math to see how this will impact the life of a typical American. Example with […]

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Economists favor Obama

The Economist magazine took a poll of academic economists working at NBER to see who they would vote for.  Barack Obama came out as the favorite.  Even though 46% of academic economists list themselves as Democrats compared to only 10% who claim to be Republican, Obama came out overwhelmingly ahead. Seventy percent of economists would […]

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Obama vs. McCain health care policies

Barack Obama and John McCain both believe that they know how to improve the American health care system. A policy brief by Michael Tanner has nice summary of the two candidates policies. I will review some of this paper today. Obama’s general health care policy Obama goal is to expand government provided health care and […]

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