Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

Our vets deserve better

The VA has been at the forefront of innovation in integrated care delivery.  ViSTA is the VA’s award winning IT system.  The VA has been aggresive in making sure veterans use generic drugs when these are available. Even if the VA provides high quality care, veterans are having increasing problems accessing this care. The issue […]

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What are “conditions specific to military service”?

Just before Memorial Day, a Maryland congressman recently proposed shrinking the scope of services the VA provides to veterans.   How would he do this? He proposes a model: …where the VA is not the place of general health care for the veterans, but the place of highly-specialized care where skilled professionals are particularly well-equipped to […]

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Heroes without Health Insurance

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend.  It is a time to celebrate the service of current and former members of the military. Although military veterans garner a lot of attention around Memorial Day, some veterans are not having their needs met the rest of the year. A recent study, for instance, finds that many veterans […]

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