Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

The creation of a blockbuster drug

NPR’s All Things Considers documents the creation of the blockbuster drug Fosamax.  Physicians use Fosamax to treat patients with osteoporosis and the less severe osteopenia.  To summarize what took place: Pharmaceutical companies start lobbying to expand Medicare coverage for bone density tests. Medicare expands coverage to include bone density tests. Physicians purchase equipment to test […]

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Merck owes $671 million from incorrect Medicaid charges

There is a law which states that drug companies must sell drugs to Medicaid at their the lowest price.  It turns out the Merck was selling drugs to hospitals at a steeper discount than what they were giving to Medicaid.  Merck will pay $399 million for overcharging in Philadelphia and $250 million for overcharging in […]

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