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Do narrow networks reduce cost?

Many health plans in the Obamacare health insurance exchanges aim to keep premiums down by limiting patients to a select group of providers (e.g., hospitals, physicians). The thought is, by limiting patients to a “narrow network” of providers, patients are in essence restricted to see the most efficient providers.  Some may claim that “efficient” means high quality […]

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Narrow Networks in your state

The Affordable Care Act aimed to increase patient access to care.  Although it has certainly improved the share of patients who are insured, it is not clear whether it has actually improved “access.”  Many health insurance exchange plans are able to offer low premiums by limiting the number or type of doctors you are able to […]

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ACA and narrow networks

One way for insurers to reduce health care costs is to restrict patient access to only lower cost providers.  This phenomenon is known as narrow networks.  On the one hand, narrow networks can promote efficiency by driving down provider price and directing patients to the highest value physicians.  Alternatively, if insurers use narrow networks to direct patients […]

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