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Trials in Health Policy

Scientists often use randomized controlled trials (RCT) to examine whether certain treatments have a causal effect on patient outcomes.  For social scientists, however, conducting an RCT is more difficult.  Nevertheless, there have been a number of health policy trials. In a recent NEJM paper, Newhouse and Normand (2017) review some of these trials.  A summary […]

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The Most Important Health Policy Study of Our Generation

Perhaps the most important paper on the effect of health insurance on health, spending, and access to care was released this week. Although randomized controlled trials are rare for measuring the effect of insurance, the design of the Oregon Medicaid program introduced random variation into who received Medicaid coverage.  The authors write: In 2008, Oregon […]

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Medicaid coverage increases utilization and improves quality

A RAND HIE for Medicaid? “In 2008, a group of uninsured low-income adults in Oregon was selected by lottery to be given the chance to apply for Medicaid…In the year after random assignment, the treatment group selected by the lottery was about 25 percentage points more likely to have insurance than the control group that […]

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