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Overuse in Healthcare: 5 Examples

23 percent of tympanostomy tubes placed for middle ear infection are inappropriate (Kleinman et al. 1994); 5–35 percent of adult asthma care are inappropriate (Starfield et al. 1994); 16 percent of hysterectomies are inappropriate (Bernstein et al. 1993); 9.4 percent of hospital admissions for pneumonia are considered inappropriate (Payne et al. 1995); and 20 percent […]

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The Underuse of Overuse Research

Health economics, physicians and health services researchers have found that overuse, not underuse, is the major problem for many medical services.  Yet you rarely here a campaign to reduce that quantity of medical care provided.  Why is this? An editorial in Health Services Research gives two important explanations for this.  First, measuring overuse is difficult. […]

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