Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

Incentives for investing in “off label” trials

Aaron Carroll of the Incidental Economist draws on a column from his colleague Austin Frakt in The Upshot to explain why there is not more research into off-label uses of patented or generic drugs.  

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Drugs in Emerging Markets

Governments in emerging markets want their citizens to have better drugs. The big pharmaceutical firms are keen to sell to them. But they are fighting bitterly over the terms. – The Economist. Should emerging markets compel companies to sell drugs to them?  As an economist, I am by nature averse to government coercion.  When people […]

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How to get cheap Lipitor tomorrow

Is this a spam post?  Is the Healthcare Economist working for Pfizer?  The answer to these questions are no and no. However, there are two easy ways to get the cholesterol lowering drug Lipitor for a lower price tomorrow: Buy the generic form of Lipitor Buy Lipitor According to Marketplace, on Friday Lipitor will go […]

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