Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

What are Accountable Care Organizations?

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are the latest rage in the health policy world.  The question is, what are ACOs.  The Urban Institute’s Kelly Devers and Robert Berenson try to answer the following question: “Can Accountable Care Organizations Improve the Value of Health Care by Solving the Cost and Quality Quandaries?” The goal of ACOs is […]

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CBO Papers

In the Health Care Blog, Robert Laszewski suberbly analyzes Congressional Budget Office (CBO)’s two papers.  His key points are that 1) there is no silver bullet and 2) “really controlling costs will be very hard and will require some courageous and politically problematic actions.” I would point out other highlights, but the post is so […]

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Effective Healthcare Policymaking in Europe

Health economists and policymakers have lots of ideas of how to improve the health care system.  Yet few of these reforms are implemented.  Why? Max Hotopf of Healthcare Europa tries to answer this question in the context of Europe’s attempts at healthcare reform.  Below are some of his arguments and my comments. Decentralization. “In most […]

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