Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

And the news from Syria gets worse…

Individual health in Syria is not only at risk due to violence, but also due to contagious diseases.  In fact, one disease that had previously been eradicated from the country is now back.  The BBC reports: Syria was declared free of polio in 1999. But the disease re-emerged last year, after two years of conflict. […]

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Why did the people of Nigeria reject the polio vaccine?

From a letter in Health Affairs: In 1996 Pfizer came to Kano to administer a test of the drug Trovan for a meningitis outbreak. One hundred children were given Trovan, and another hundred were given chloramphenicol, a drug approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).  Of the 200 children, eleven died due to Trovan and […]

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