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Largest one-year jump in health spending

According to a recent Health Affairs paper, health care spending as a share of GDP grew by the largest percentage point increase since the U.S. government has tracked national health expenditure. ┬áNot only did the numerator (health spending) increase–especially for public spending–but the denominator also decreased (i.e., GDP). ┬áThe article begins as follows: “National health […]

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CBO Health Care Expenditure Forecasts

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) periodically releases its 75-year health care spending projections. Current projections forecast the following health care spending levels: Total spending on health care would rise from 16% of GDP in 2007 to 25% in 2025, 37% in 2050 and 49% in 2082. Federal spending on Medicare (net of beneficiaries premiums) and […]

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