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Why are there no doctor reviews on the web?

The N.Y. Times has an interesting article citing a number of reasons why there are no good websites with doctors reviews on the web.  There are some ratings websites (HealthGrades, RateMDs, Angie’s List, Yelp), but the listings are often sparse, with few contributors and little of substance.) For one, physicians don’t like them. “Several years ago, […]

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Do global health ratings work?

Many health plans have used patient health ratings as important metrics for quality improvement.  The simplest way to evaluated the quality of a health plan is to ask all members to rate the plan from 1-10 and take the average score.  However, this simple averaging gives health plans an incentive to improve quality for low […]

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Blogged.com likes the Healthcare Economist

The Healthcare Economist received a “Very Good” rating of 7.7 according to Blogged.com.

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