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The pros and cons of retail clinics

Aaron Caroll does a nice job summarizing these viewpoints in his article in the N.Y. Times’ Upshot: Researchers for a study published in the American Journal of Medical Quality talked to patients who sought out care at retail clinics. Patients who had a primary care physician, but still went to a retail clinic, did so […]

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Your Grocery Bag: Apples, Milk…and Cavity Filling?

In the UK, a dental clinic has opened in a Sainsbury’s grocery store.  The grocery store dental clinics aim to fill a patient need caused by the shortage of dentists in the UK.   BBC News reports, “Dentist Lance Knight said the practice aimed at “making dental healthcare more accessible and convenient to better meet […]

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Insurers to cover retail clinic visits

The Boston Globe reports that some of Massachusetts largest insurers are beginning to cover medical visits made at retail clinics at CVS and Walgreens drug stores.  Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota is waiving copays for visits to retail clinics.  The American Association of Family Physicians (AAFP) is not happy about this. Carpe Diem says the […]

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