Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

Why don’t payers adopt my technology?

Why don’t payers adopt innovative approaches to treat mental illness? For instance, crisis intervention programs, recovery-focused consumer education programs, telehealth programs, and on-line treatment programs have sometimes have had problems receiving reimbursement from payers. Monica Oss of OpenMinds takes the payers’ perspective: Often, the organization proposing the new program comes to the table with an […]

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When does diversification increase risk?

Why did the financial crisis occur?  One reason may be due to too much institutional diversification.  George Sugihara explains how even when individual institutions diversify, system-wide risk can increase exponentially. “Leading up to the crash, there was a marked increase in homogeneity among institutions, both in their revenue-generating strategies as well as in their risk-management strategies, thus […]

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GM-UAW deal

An explanation for the recent General Motors-United Auto Workers deal is pretty simple: it is a transfer of risk.  GM will set up a Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA) which will be controlled by the union.  According to the Detroit Free Press (” UAW ratifies”) GM will place about $30 billion dollars in the account […]

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