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San Diego Measles Outbreak: Should parents be compelled to vaccinate their children?

This American Life has a very interesting show about the San Diego measles outbreak.  Outbreaks decades ago were due to the fact that poor individuals often could not afford to get vaccinated or see a doctor.  Now, this is not a problem since vaccines are generally made available for free for those who cannot pay. […]

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Minute Clinics come to San Diego

Looks like the convenience clinic trend is coming to my neck of the woods in Southern California.  According to the San Diego Union-Tribune (“Are retail clinics a healthy choice?“) six Minute Clinics are opening in San Diego county with ten more on the way before year’s end. These clinics likely will lower the cost of […]

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San Diego Wildfires from a San Diego Resident

As most of you know who have been reading the news, the wildfires in San Diego, my home, have been causing much devastation. According to San Diego’s NPR station KPBS, an “estimated 245,000 acres burned and 1200 homes destroyed in San Diego County” (reported as of 10:09am Pacific time). Over 250,000 individuals have been evacuated […]

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