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Longer trials or larger sample size?

Developing drugs is expensive. Some estimates have estimated that the cost of bringing a drug to market is $1 billion. In addition, payers are now reimbursing based on the perceived value of a treatment. That is, treatments that provide more health benefits receive higher reimbursements. In this world of value-based pricing (VBP), pharmaceutical companies have […]

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Useful Data Files for Simulation Modelling

In recent years, researchers have created a number of complex simulation models to estimate future trends and the impacts of policy changes.¬† Some of the more prominant models include: RAND Comprehensive Assessment of Reform Efforts (COMPARE) CBO’s Health Insurance Simulation Model (HISim) Urban Institute’s Health Insurance Reform Simulation Model (HIRSM), Future Elderly Model (FEM) These […]

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Will missing data affect physician P4P scores?

The answer is yes, but maybe not as much as you may thought. A paper by Ryan and Bao use data from a randomized controlled trial (RCT) called IMPACT (Improving Mood-Promoting Access to Collaborative Treatment) to determine if errors in physician quality ¬†profiling are due mostly to random variation or missing data.¬† For this report, […]

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