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Group of Death?

Typically, when the Healthcare Economist talks about death, it deals with sad topics: mortality rates, preventable deaths, etc.  Today, I will discuss a happier death-related topic: the feared “Group of Death”. The World Cup Groups were unveiled today and popular press is claiming that the U.S. team is placed in the Group of Death.  There […]

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Greece and Germany Battle over Supremacy in Europe

Greece isn’t asking for a bailout.  Today, they expect no help from Germany.  The Germans themselves, even if they would like to, can no longer assume the role of the paymaster.  They may dictate much of the pace, but they will have to earn an of their Euro goals through hard work, not by mandates. […]

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El Barça gana el Champions

My soccer team, FC Barcelona, won their fourth Champion’s league on Saturday.  Felicidades!

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