Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

ACA decreased the number of uninsured Americans

This is according to a Urban Institute study by Karpman, Long and  Zuckerman (2016).  They look at changes in the uninsurance rate and in the rate of full-year insurance coverage for nonelderly adults (ages 18 to 64) overall and by state Medicaid expansion status.  They found that: The uninsurance rate for nonelderly adults fell from 17.6 percent in […]

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Health Insurance Snapshot for 2009

There are approximately 265 million individuals in the United States under age 65 in 2009.  Using the 2010 March Current Population Survey (CPS) data, the employee benefits research institute provides the insurance coverage breakdowns. Employer-sponsored group plan: 156.1 million (59.0 percent) Insurance bought directly from insurer on individual market: 16.7 million (6.3 percent) Medicaid: 44.1 […]

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