Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

What are the politics of people against vaccinations?

Are Democrats or Republicans more likely to argue against vaccination?  A recent article by Charles McCoy in The Conversation reveals that the answer is not so clean cut. What I found is that the more political someone is, the more likely he or she is to believe that vaccines are unsafe. Those who are “very […]

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Is the Ebola vaccine 100% effective?

Great news has come out in the fight against Ebola. A vaccine against Ebola has been shown to highly effective in trials conducted during the Ebola outbreak in Guinea. In fact, some news sources claim that the vaccine is 100% effective. Is the vaccine truly 100% effective? Likely no. In the original study in the […]

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Why are there so few vaccine suppliers?

In many cases, only a handful of suppliers produce vaccines for a given disease.  In fact, for several vaccine types the U.S. has fewer suppliers than countries with a smaller market and a higher level of government purchase. One reason for this finding could be strict government regulation.  All vaccines must be approved by the […]

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